Implant Expertise

If you’ve lived with the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth, failing teeth, and loose dentures, you may feel that having a full set of permanent teeth again is an impossible dream.

It isn’t.

Secured permanently in place with biocompatible titanium or upgraded zirconia, which fuse with the jawbone, dental implants by CAD/CAM master clinician Richard represent a whole new lease of life.

Produced with impeccably close attention to detail, dental implants restore both aesthetics and function, often kickstarting a profound improvement in wellbeing and confidence, allowing patients to eat, smile, laugh and live life without worries again.

With this procedure, including revolutionary Same Day implants, which restore smiles within a day, Richard is proud to have improved the lives of thousands of patients.

Why Dental Implants?

Everything’s On The Menu

Because they’re secured permanently in place with zirconia or lightweight titanium, dental implants let you eat whatever you want. Even tougher foods like steak, apples and corn on the cob can be back on the menu.

No Loose Dentures

The daily battle to keep dentures in place is one of their worst features. Even messy dental adhesive doesn’t stop them from eventually working loose – usually at the most embarrassing possible moment. But, just like real teeth, Implants are fixed for good.

Promote Oral Health

Tooth loss can cause the jawbone to lose shape and size, which can cause problems for any remaining teeth you have. Biocompatible zirconia and titanium implants fuse with the bone, stopping any deterioration in its tracks.


True-to -life replacement teeth by Dr Richard Pollock are only the beginning of a stunning cosmetic transformation. Dental implants also provide vital structural support for facial and chin muscles, reducing sallow features and taking years off the appearance.

Confidence Rediscovered

By far the most transformative feature of dental implants is the renewed sense of wellbeing and confidence that comes from being able to laugh and live life to the full again. It’s little wonder so many patients say treatment with Richard was the best decision they ever made.

The Power of Zirconia

Richard is a pioneer of zirconia implants which
offer a host of benefits over titanium.

Improved Aesthetics

The gum tissue surrounding titanium implants often takes on a greyish colour over time. Lighter, white zirconia offers a more natural and discrete look that doesn’t show through gum tissue – even after years in place.

Long Life

Zirconia is exceptionally durable with excellent performance under pressure and high corrosion resistance. With proper care, Richard’s expertly placed zirconia implants can be expected to last for many years.


Some patients discover they are allergic or sensitive to titanium or the many other metals present in implants. But in many cases, they only find out years after surgery. Sensitivity can result in reduced bone density and eventual failure of the implants – but that’s not the case with hypoallergenic zirconia.

Metal-Free Alternative

Metal-free zirconia is non-conductive to both heat and electricity and eliminates the possibility of the ‘galvanic battery’ effect in which implants generate a low electrical current. As well as causing sensitivity in the jaw, the process can cause corrosion.

Faster Healing
With Platelet-Rich Fibrin

With same-day Implants, Dr Richard achieves stunning transformations in less than 24 hours.

And now recovery time and efficacy are also improved, thanks to platelet-rich fibrin therapy – a treatment at the vanguard of science and medicine which puts the body’s own stem cells and growth factors to work to aid healing.

The therapy is especially effective in complex cases when a bone graft is needed – the platelets extracted from a small sample of your own blood preserve bone and increase the likelihood of the graft being accepted.

As a passionate proponent of this leading-edge therapy, Richard has enjoyed excellent success using PRF/PRP/PRGF for conventional implant treatment to minimise the risk of infection while significantly improving recovery time.


A Word from Richard’s Patients